Spectroscopy Databases

Wiley is the leading publisher of reference spectra databases for Mass Spectroscopy (MS). Our databases enable you to quickly and accurately identify compounds using MS.

Installing is easy, requiring only a few minutes of downtime and results in immediate improvements in accuracy and productivity.

Featured Products

WILEY REGISTRY of Mass Spectral Data 11th Edition

The essential, most comprehensive GC-MS database for all laboratories.  The current 11th edition contains 56.500 more spectra than the 10th edition, and 265.000 more unique compounds than the NIST mass spectral database.

  • 775.500 reference spectra
  • 599.700 unique compounds
  • 17 % more spectra than 9th Edition
  • 8 % more spectra than 10th Edition

EUR 9050.- (Buy new)
EUR 6280.- (Update)


WILEY REGISTRY 11th Edition/NIST 2014 - Mass Spectral Library

The combined forces of Wiley and NIST produce the most powerful GC-MS reference spectra database, plus 234.000 reference spectra for tandem mass spectroscopy.

  • 1.200.000 reference spectra
  • 707.000 unique compounds
  • 234.000 MS/MS reference spectra

EUR 12.970.- (Buy new)
EUR 10.940.- (Update)



The required GC-MS spectra database to combat the opioid and novel psychoactives epidemics that threaten public health.  This new edition contains 1,600 more mass spectra and over 800 new, unique compounds from over 30 classification groups including fentanyles, synthetic cannabinoids, and benzodiazepines.

  • 19,667 unique compounds
  • 800 more unique compounds than Designer Drugs 2016
  • 1,600 more spectra than Designer Drugs 2016

EUR 4750,- (Buy new)
EUR 3000,- (Update)



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